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December 9, 2018

Accommodation Container


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Accommodation Container Rental in UAE

Mister Shade ME is a well-known prefabricated building construction company that manufacture, supply and installs accommodation container for rental services in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain) and all over the Middle East region. For the past decades, we have been successfully renting out accommodation containers to our customers all over the Middle East region. Our accommodation rental range offers ideal units for any type of projects at the best rates. The options include modular buildings in a variety of sizes and configurations- we are also open for customization of the product according to our client’s requirement.

Our cabins are portable and are built with UAE standard regulation. Feeling comfortable is the most critical factor when it comes to designing container cabins. And we at Mister Shade are experienced in creating livable and cost spaces for our customers. Our accommodation cabins are flexible, long-lasting and can withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region. The versatile feature of our cabins is the main reason why they can be used to provide accommodation on remote sites, especially those where building works are planned or are in development. High-quality container units from our factory are designed to last longer and stronger.

Optional Items(additional cost):

  • 500 usg MS Septic Tank underneath the cabin
  • 1000 usg MS water tank


  • Construction sites
  • Rescue area
  • Production area
  • Mess and lounge
  • Hospital
  • Office
  • Workshop
  • Car deck


  • Less maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Longlasting
  • Withstand the harsh weather
  • Durable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Fitted for multiple uses
  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Economical

Right from the initial inquiry phone call to the product delivery, we will take care of everything. We have a fleet of accommodation containers in our factory where the client can choose the one according to the requirement. However, we are open to customized designs, in which our expert team will visit the site, note down client requirement, design and deliver the accommodation container of your dreams. If you are looking for high-quality, modern and cost-efficient accommodation cabins for rental, then reach out to us.

Modified Container Hire Service in UAE

Sustainable architecture is the industry preference these days. The people are looking for storage spaces built through the process that is harmless to the environment. One such sustainable maneuvering of architecture is the re-appropriation of shipping containers. Shipping containers are the large steel box used for the storage and transportation of the goods in the ship. Previously used only for the storage, removal and delivery of cargo, shipping containers are used for a variety of purposes these days. One such highly advanced application of shipping containers are accommodation containers.

Right from the practical and future-thinking homeowners to respected, high-profile organisations such as those in the national defense, aerospace, railroad systems, banking and global industries everyone use container cabins as it is one of the most flexible and cost-efficient space solutions. The accommodation cabins from the Mister Shade is well suited for all kind of spaces.

Environmentally aware homeowners and business owners appreciate the benefits of accommodation containers. Don’t settle for anything else, if you are looking for efficient storage and housing spaces. Buy accommodation containers for rental from Mister Shade ME now at competitive rates. Contact us for more details.


Prefabricated Majlis for Rent

Backed with years of knowledge and experience, we are experts in creating and renting out accommodation containers in the Middle East region. Our storage containers are easy to carry, and you can take it wherever you want to go. They are made with suitable quality materials to last longer. We have a range of products for immediate installation. However, we can also provide you with a bespoke container according to the requirement of our clients. Do reach out to Mister Shade for Accommodation container rental services. Everything is hassle-free here.


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