Life-Size Game Boards

Benefits of Life-Size Game Boards for Children

Playgrounds and play areas perform a vital role in the mental and physical development of a child. These areas can be used in a variety of ways to aid child development and learning; the playground markings being the most important one that strikes a significant role. A lot of schools and residential spaces in the western countries has performed the installation of Life-Size Game Boards on playgrounds for children. These will not only induce physical activity but also provides all the advantages of a Friday board game fun with the family.

Here are some of the Benefits of Life-Size Game Boards for Children

#1.Good learning experience

The life-size game boards provide an excellent and engaging learning experience for children. Do you know how? Let me explain if the child is playing a giant snake and ladder, they will learn numbers and the basic of mathematics interactively by rolling the die and moving themselves counting the columns. Children will enjoy the structured number based games making this whole idea of life-size board games a versatile resource for learning.

Mathematics, English and phonics can be clubbed in many ways on a playground through life-size game boards.

#2. Good physical exercise

Children of all ages can take part in this life-size board games, and it is one of the best ways to encourage kids to have an active break time. Running around the giant chessboard and snake and ladder board is definitely a great physical activity.

The physical activities and sports practiced/ performed by the kids have always been an excellent means to teach teamwork, resilience and communication. And these life-size game boards are the perfect way to nurture the young ones apart from the sports halls.

#3. Unplugs from technology

The kids these days love to spend their time in computers and mobile phones. However, life-sized games are an excellent alternative for screen games which keeps the kids entertained during the holidays.

It is an ideal tool for the families who are finding it hard to keep the balance between digital and real-life connections for their children.

Improves social and interpersonal skills.

The giant-sized games encourage kids to participate in teams and thereby increasing interpersonal skills. The bonding between the kids will also increase when the team stick together to achieve a common goal.

It also helps the kids who are having anxiety issues on how to navigate friendships easily.

#4. Easy installation and long-lasting

One of the best advantages of life-size game boards is that they are easy to install in play areas. This type of flooring can withstand the harsh wear and tear caused by the children. Moreover, they are durable and can stand up the terrible weather; hence lasting for years.

Mister Shade ME install the best Life-Size Game Boards for Children in UAE and the Middle East region. Our love for the young ones and the passion for providing them with a safe, sound and fun area to play has pushed us to produce the best playground flooring available in the market. We love to see a child’s idea coming to life on the playground; hence we create spaces that make them feel free to have fun.

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