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Modified Containers

Modified Containers in UAE

Modified Containers Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE

Turning an ordinary ship container to an extraordinary, quirky space! We are talking about the modified containers cabin, and yes, we can make it. Mister Shade ME is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Modified container cabins in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah) and the Middle East.

The construction and mining field understood the possibilities of these modified containers long back, but the general public is yet to realize the importance of this compact modified container. We are incredibly delighted to announce the installation of this creative, affordable and flexible compact modified containers in Dubai. It is a perfect budget-friendly temporary or permanent solution for your accommodation needs.

Modified Container Products

Retail Containers

The modular spaces from Mister Shade ME has changed the face of modern architecture. One such innovation from our factory is retail containers. The business sector of the UAE has witnessed a storm of pop-ups and amateur entrepreneurs over the last few years. However, the growing business has increased the rates of conventional retail spaces. As a smart move, retailers in Dubai are switching on to solutions that are economical and adaptable.

The Mister Shade ME team provides an overall solution for your retail space problem by providing a modified container that can be tailored to fit your shop requirements.

Modular Containers – Isolation Ward

Outlet stores

Being an entrepreneur, you have to be up to date and should connect with the new age customers. To do that effectively, you have to present your products in an innovative way using retail containers.

Food and Beverage Containers

An excellent space alternative for budding entrepreneurs who would love to establish their business in the food and beverage industry. Mister Shade ME offers a flexible solution when it comes to Food and beverage containers. You can mould the design according to your requirement with the help of our designers.


We are experts in designing excellent ambiance in cafes by using portable containers. And the advantage is you don’t have to pay for property owners to run your business.


An economical solution for the amateur entrepreneurs who lack budget and want to do something classy. You can choose from our range of containers and design it into a chic restaurant with the help our expert designers.

Accommodation containers

The growing population and the resource demand in UAE have pushed the urban designing agents in Mister Shade ME to create a solution that is cost effective and Eco-friendly. Our cozy accommodation spaces are re purposed from shipping containers to meet all the desired requirements of our clients.

From choosing the design to the final wiring process, Mister Shade ME will be there all the way.

Ticket Booth

We specialize in making ticket booths containers for special events, concerts, and occasions when you need a portable booth to take ticket sales.

Portable toilets

Mister Shade ME is the leading manufacturer and supplier of portable toilets container that comes in a variety of models. You can choose the one that fits the requirement with the help of our expert panel.

Modified Containers Projects 

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