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Wiola set – MSSP10044T

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  • Width:4.15 m
  • Length:6.80 m
  • Height:3.40 m
  • Required minimum space:10.30 mx 7.04 m
  • Free fall height:0.90 m
  • Fall surface area:47.36 m2
  • Foundation depth:-0.60 m
  • Dimensions of the largest part:2.70 x 0.75 x 0.50 m
  • Weight of the heaviest part:60 kg


  • Movable platform, 228cm long2
  • Fire pipe, 90 cm high2
  • Climbing wall height 90cm1
  • Small shop1
  • Drawing board1
  • Tower with roof, platform height 90cm1
  • Slide 90cm high, stainless steel slide 236cm long1
  • Tower without roof, platform 90cm high2
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