Different types of portable rental units

Portable rental units are gaining popularity in the past few years due to its multiple benefits. It is convenient, affordable and versatile. It is cheaper when compared to normal buildings, and it is easy to install. Different types of portable rental units in Mister Shade ME cater to different requirements.

Accommodation units

The shipping containers used in the form of accommodation cabins are in high demand these days. Dubai is a growing city with a lack of space and expanding construction. However, accommodation units are beneficial for construction sites to provide living space for laborers. Renting out these portable accommodation units make it feasible to give back after your use.

You can also take it to the new place if your office is shifting.

Office cabins / Site Office

If you are facing a lack of space inside your office or you want to expand your office temporarily, you can rely on Office cabins. These type of cabins come with all the inbuilt facilities that a normal office shall possess.

And it has a great ambiance to increase the productivity of workers.

Prefabricated Homes

The prefabricated homes are built off-site, usually in standard sections that can be quickly shipped and assembled. The contemporary style inspires architectural designs. This sort of homes is highly advisable for the hipster groups who would like to move from one place to another continually. It is carried out in sections and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. The home is way better than the ordinary houses; it is economical and versatile.

Portable Toilets

These type of rental units are mostly seen in event grounds. The portable rental ablution units are a significant advantage for the work sites, offices and event grounds. Their applications are extended to religious places such as mosques. You can also avail the services of portable rental septic tanks from Mister Shade. Say goodbye to the stinky communal ablution units and take these rental units to treat your guests properly.


Majlis is a place for special gatherings among common interest groups. Building one is expensive compared to the rental ones. So it is advisable to rent out a Majlis tent for your next gathering. Our Majlis are traditionally built which serves as a forum for members of the community to discuss issues. We keep the age-old traditions intact by making the best tents after thorough works.

Mister Shade ME provides all sorts of portable rental units in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah) and the whole Middle East region.

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Different types of portable rental units