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Playground Maintenance Services

Playground Maintenance Services

Playground Maintenance Services in UAE

Mister Shade ME offers playground maintenance services and cleaning services in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain). Some of the leading corporates have trusted us in handling their play area requirements. Our expert team can rectify all type of problems such as worn components, vandalism, and severe debris found on site. The team’s attendance to emergency works won’t let your play area shut, even for a single day.

Playground Maintenance

Playground equipment maintenance

It is mandatory to create a safe and secure environment for kids to play in the playground. Frequent inspection and proper maintenance of the equipment is necessary to provide basic safety for the users. Our team will do the proper inspection and suggest the ideal solution for the maintenance of the play equipment.

Playground flooring maintenance

Mister Shade ME can install and carry out the maintenance of the play area flooring. From routine maintenance to in-depth repairs, our team is well equipped to do any sorts of maintenance works. We make sure that your play area is kept in excellent condition.

We employ wet floor maintenance which will keep the dirt away from the small voids in the rubber flooring. We also have products to take care of the flooring after maintenance.

Playground wall maintenance

The wall is one of the most used equipment in a play area and one which should provide utmost safety to the kids. Our maintenance team will have a thorough inspection and provide the appropriate solution for restoring safety on the play area wall.

Our playground area services include-

  • Replacement timbers
  • Re-painting metalwork
  • Replacement ropes / nets
  • Repairs, cleaning, and revival of play surfacing
  • Replacement fixings / caps
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Re-define worn playground markings
  • Removal services

Why Choose Playground Maintenance Services From Mister Shade ME?

With extensive experience in supply and installation of play area equipment for the past few years in the Middle East region, we are efficient enough to carry out any services related to play area maintenance. We are the leading playground maintenance service provider in the UAE. We have a team of technicians to offer every aspect of playground maintenance right from gathering the detailed report to granting remedial services and replacement of the damaged parts.

We are proud to say that our maintenance service keeps many of UAE’s play areas safe and sound. It is not an issue if the play area is not done by us, we are all ready to provide a play area inspection and repair services for any play areas supplied and installed by other UAE firms. Our maintenance team will ensure that the play area will meet today’s required standards for safety and accessibility. Our services include replacing the broken parts, supplying the pieces to replace damaged parts, and taking care of neglected safety surfacing, cleaning etc.

Advantages of working with us

  • Timely services
  • Highly professional team
  • Broken parts will be replaced with high-quality materials
  • Expert finish

Be it large or small; we have experience, expertise and equipment to do any play area maintenance services. At Mister Shade, your safety surfaces are safe with us. We are committed to making the existing play area safe at affordable prices. Our services are far beyond the supply of the playground. Find out more about our services from our expert playground maintenance specialists. We are just a call away and we are always ready to help you. Do reach out to us for more details.

If you have any budget issues, we can consider refurbishing of the play area within your budget and within the fraction of the cost of the new product. Call us; we will find solutions for all your play area problems. Our response time for an inquiry is from 1 – 4 hours.

For complete Playground Maintenance Services

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