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Prefab Buildings

Mister Shade ME design, manufacture, supply and install superior quality prefabricated cabins in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain) and all over the Middle East region. Our prefabricated cabins cater to all needs and can be used for various applications such as office, majlis, kitchen units, security rooms, site office, labour camp, ablution units etc.

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Why Prefabricated Buildings?

There are several ways a prefabricated building can save you money and time. Especially for the offices that require space to meet the growing demands of a company’s increase in productivity, this prefabricated buildings comes as a turnkey solution. With prefabricated buildings, the company owners can save a large amount of money and time that it would otherwise take for more conventional modes of construction.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to owning prefabricated buildings. The product requires less money and downtime when compared to the time and cost that it takes for traditional methods.

The maintenance requirement is very minimal as well.

The exposure to the outside weather can harness the outlook of offices built using other construction modes hence urging frequent maintenance. These requirements can be extremely costly and time-consuming; however, the prefabricated building from Mister Shade needs only less maintenance. Moreover, the relocation of the space will be more comfortable as it is portable, and it saves on construction space requirements.

Without any doubt, these prefabricated buildings are definitely a sound financial move that will save a lot of money and time.

Advantages of prefabricated cabins

  • The prefabricated buildings are cost-efficient.
  • The building will get ready in 14 – 16 weeks
  • The installation will take only one day.
  • Improved building quality
  • Durable
  • Require less maintenance
  • Good for the environment as it minimizes the amount of on-site waste and land disturbance.
  • Requires less money and downtime

Leading prefabricated buildings manufacturers in UAE

Prefabricated buildings from Mister Shade ME offers affordable and convenient expansion opportunities. They are energy efficient, durable and lightweight. Generally, these prefabricated buildings are built in one location and shipped to a building site to be assembled. Each of these buildings is made in our factory to ensure accurate measurements and the utmost quality of the product. The entire manufacturing process is completed in excellence and beautiful workmanship. The finished product is exquisitely crafted to bring aesthetic appeal to the property.

Our prefabricated cabins are built with high-quality materials to withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region.

Delivery and installation of prefabricated buildings in the Dubai

After production in our factory, the prefabricated building will be delivered to your destination as a constructed individual container. A team of qualified assembly partners will be sent to the destination along with the prefabricated building. The team will professionally install the portable cabin in the shortest possible time.

The new generation architects and buyers sparked the movement to turn that boring container boxes to gorgeous and affordable spaces that can be customized to the level of uniqueness you want. Apparently, we love that process of turning the boring into something interesting. Hence we thoughtfully create each prefabricated cabin with the utmost care and passion. Our prefabricated containers can be purchased, rented or leased depending upon the time and budget requirement. Our team is ready to advise you to choose the best one that suits your need if you are confused about what to opt for.

We are happy to guide you through phone, email or in-person for prefabricated cabin construction. We can also show you the benefits and product catalogue if you give us a chance to do so. Contact us for more details.

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