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Prefabricated Mosques

Prefabricated Mosques

Prefabricated Mosques Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE

Mister Shade ME design, manufacture, supply and install the prefabricated prayer room (mosque) all over UAE and the Middle East. A lot of communities have developed over the last few years in Dubai, and the developers seem lazy to build mosques inside the area.  The community developers are supposed to provide all the general facilities expected by the residents and visitors- mosque being the one. But, most of them don’t have a mosque, and they make some shift arrangements which is hardly sufficient especially on Fridays and Ramadan.

The lack of Masjid is a primary concern for many residents in this country. And we have a solution for that-Port cabin Masjids . Mister Shade ME manufacture and supply prefabricated mosques in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm al QuMasjid wain) and the Middle East.


Prefabricated Mosques Manufacturer

Our mosque cabins can accommodate a fair number of people and comes with a well-equipped wash area. Most of the port cabin mosque in UAE doesn’t have ablution units, but Mister Shade ME’s portacabin has toilet facilities. Ablution hose, toilet paper holder, mirror, mirror shelf, and soap tray is also included in the port cabin deal. It has all the features of a mosque- including towering minaret and a dome featuring contemporary architecture. Our mosques have accessibility amenities for people of determination and accommodation for the imam and muezzin.

Prefabricated Mosques Projects

Our experienced team is always there to help you. All you need to do is to give the specifications, and your mosque cabin will be ready in no time. Our installation process is rapid as well. The portable cabin can be used to increase the functional working space of any project. Our expert team can quickly and easily install the perfect modular areas to suit your changing needs. We have contributed to plenty of other communities and regions as well.

Prefabricated Mosques Advantages

  • Ablution units are available
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Spacious

If you’re looking for comfortable mosque cabins, get in touch with the Mister Shade ME team today.

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