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Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Porta Cabin Manufacturer in UAE & Supplier

Porta Cabin Manufacturer & Supplier in UAE

Mister Shade ME is the pioneer in the portacabin design, manufacturer, and supplier in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain) and the Middle East. We specialize in prefabricated structures like accommodation cabin, multistoried cabin, prefabricated mosques, modified containers, security cabin, prefabricated majlis, kitchen units, portacabin, and temporary site office. With 20+ years of experience we are the best porta cabin manufacturer in UAE.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Porta Cabin is the future- Yes, especially in this era of a growing population and congested spaces, portacabins are going to stay for long. Portacabins are gaining popularity due to its distinct features and uniqueness from traditional buildings. It is portable and easy to install. Mister Shade ME is the best  high-quality Porta Cabin Manufacturer in UAE, of any size, to fulfill any application.

Our portable buildings can be relocated to meet your specific requirements, whether you need to move them to a new spot on an existing site, or even new premises entirely. Moreover, they don’t need a foundation; a flat surface is more than enough for this cabin. These buildings are economical and extremely cost-effective.  The usage options of portacabins are endless- offices, classrooms, accommodation, ablutions, kitchen units, and much more. This unrivaled flexibility of portacabins makes them an excellent choice for your space requirements.

Types of Porta Cabin – Our Products

Office Cabins

Security Cabins

Modified Containers

Prefab Mosques

Multi Storey Cabins

Labor Camp Cabins

Site Office

Prefabricated Majlis

Accommodation Cabins

Kitchen Units

sandwich panel portacabin

Cabin Interiors

Ablution Units Rental

Porta Cabins

Porta Cabin Rental

Our portacabins are constructed in our Sharjah saif zone factory, rather than onsite, enabling us to keep costs low. Our buildings are available with a range of excellent amenities that you’d expect from a standard structure, such as insulation, and air conditioning. Since these portable cabins come already constructed, they can be easily installed, saving you time and hassle.

Our Porta Cabin Services

At Mister Shade ME, we are porta cabin manufacturer in uae specialize in providing secure, functional portable cabins suitable for all your needs. We offer a range of great products, including shades and flooring, to meet your requirements.

Our Porta Cabins Projects

Prefabricated Office Cabins

The prefabricated office cabins from Mister Shade ME is available in different sizes and can be linked end to end or side by side. If you want to expand your office without spending much or if you are looking for an office cabin on a construction site, you can rely on us. We make the best ones in the market.

Office cabin Interiors

Our panel of experts will help in enhancing the interiors of the office cabins. A pleasant ambiance will increase the productivity of employees. 

Multistorey Cabins

We have a fantastic range of multistorey cabins which will be promptly installed according to the requirement of the clients. 

Temporary Site Office

Many construction industries want their staffs to be away from the main office building. However, it is vital to do the regular office works, and companies build temporary offices in the form of cabins. We are the leading supplier of the temporary site office in the Middle East market.

Prefab Accommodation Building

Prefab accommodation units are made with the highest quality materials to provide a safe and functional accommodation anywhere you need it. Before installation, our experts will monitor the site to ensure excellent service. 

Modified Containers

Our modified containers are flexible and sturdy, which can be used for long term as well as short term purposes. This easy to relocate containers are built for office and living. 

Prefab Mosque and Majilis

Though the country is blessed with some amazing mosques, some community lacks religious and gathering places. Mister Shade ME has contributed immensely to the urban spaces in the Middle East region by providing Prefab Mosque and Majilis. They are built-in good quality to last longer. 

Portable Security Cabin

It is a noble act to provide a safe and secure space for the securities in this scorching heat. We manufacture and supply the best security cabins in the region, and you can rely on us to show gratitude to your guarding employees. 

Portacabin rental

If you don’t want to own a portable cabin or if you are looking for a temporary set up, we have an amazing range of portacabin rental. You can check out our gallery and choose the one that suits your requirement. Or make a call, we will make the design according to your requirement.

We have a panel of incredibly talented workers who are committed to delivering the best product at the desired time. We have plenty of satisfied customers in our hand, and we are sure you will be one. If you are looking for a portacabin or if you can’t find a solution for your space-related problems, you can count on us. We are always there to help you.  contact us.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer in UAE & Supplier

Porta Cabin supplier in uae

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