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Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring Dubai
We Mister Shade, the leading rubber flooring supplier in UAE. If your floor has huge foot traffic, then rubber flooring is the ideal solution for you. No flooring can reduce the sound of the foot as the rubber flooring does. Also, if you are an environmentally conscious person, then this flooring is the apt option for you, because the rubber flooring materials are easily recyclable at specialty centers. Mister Shade ME’s rubber flooring in UAE are perfect for commercial and industrial properties across the Middle East. 

Mister Shade ME offers a wide range of rubber flooring, Rubber tiles and rolls, in an extensive collection of colors and for any u use such as safety floor, fashion floors, airport flooring, healthcare flooring, playground flooring, gym flooring, sports flooring and for all purposes

Rubber Flooring Supplier

The rubber flooring provides an easy-to-clean surface that’s suitable for hard-wearing environments, such as gyms, basements, rec rooms, playrooms, and utility areas. The installation of rubber floorings are cost-effective, and the material’s durability and strength ensure that it lasts for a very long time. Since it is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, it is making its way to residential interior and exteriors applications. The elastic nature of rubber flooring makes it very quiet to walk on. 

Types of Rubber Flooring – Our Products

Playground Flooring

Sports Flooring

EPDM Flooring

Jogging tracks

Gym Flooring

Running Tracks

Our rubber flooring’s are supplied both in tile and sheet form. They are used in commercial as well as high traffic environments. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures, including coin, leaf, and diamond-plate surfaces from Mister Shade ME’s product catalogs. We have a wide range of style and other than that we can customize the designs to enhance your property aesthetically. Here we listing our few rubber flooring supplier projects.


Our Projects:

Benefits of Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is the most favorite and most popular flooring options for high traffic areas. It has been widely used in commercial and residential purposes due to its inherent properties and excellent benefits. However, the rubber flooring comes in different colors, patterns, and textures, which makes it a versatile option for both interior and exterior application. Here we are featuring some of the most excellent Benefits of Rubber Flooring.


Rubber flooring can withstand harsh foot traffic and heavy rough use. It can last for more than 20 years, which is why it is highly used in commercial areas which have high foot traffic.

Style Options

Rubber flooring are available in a wide variety of colors and textures, including coin, leaf, and diamond-plate textures, which makes it easy for the users to blend it with the existing looks.

Easy to Maintain

Rubber flooring is easy to maintain- all you need is a damp mop to wipe of the dirt. Make sure you consult with the manufacturer before opting the detergent as the harsh ones can damage some flooring.


If you are planning to remove the old rubber flooring, then please know that our rubber surfaces are recyclable. Let us initiate a sustainable movement.


Rubber flooring are soft on our foot, and that is why it is used in exercise and playrooms.


Most of the rubber flooring are resistant to moisture. Some of the rubber surfaces are specially treated to make it suitable for wet environments.

Quiet to walk

They won’t be any heel clicks and clanging from the objects while walking on the rubber flooring. It will make a quiet surface on high foot traffic areas.

Easy to install

There are different types of rubber flooring such as interlock tiles, the ones which can be glued, etc. Whatever is the method of installation, the process is easy and fast. 

Whatever flooring solution you need our experts will give you the most attractive answer on your desired budget. 

Best Rubber Flooring Supplier in UAE

Rubber Flooring Supplier

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