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Flooring Maintenance Services

Flooring Maintenance Services
Mister Shade ME’s commitment towards the clients doesn’t end with product installation. We do follow-ups with the customers to know about the product functioning, which is what makes us unique from other companies. Our flooring maintenance service is available all over the UAE and is extended to the whole Middle East region. We also do support services for the floorings done by other companies. Our custom floor maintenance program will make your floors look incredible within your budget.

Flooring Maintenance Services in UAEFlooring Repair

The interiors of the buildings will wear out when the time goes. The floors and stairs hold up after years if you install superior quality products, but eventually wear and tear will arise. Squeaks, minor damage afflicts and the overall aging will push you to replace or repair. If the damage is minor, you can repair it with the help of remodeling contractors from Mister Shade ME.

Flooring Replacement

With the time passing, the flooring wears out. Repair works, if the damage is minor. But if the damage is bigger, then the only choice available is to replace the whole flooring. Mister Shade ME has a worry-free solution to all of your flooring problems. We manufacture and supply flooring products all over UAE. Give us a call, and we will bring back life to your dull floor.

Epoxy Coating

Another method of bringing back the charm to your old flooring is by applying an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating is the use of epoxy compounds as coatings or paints. The epoxy coating from Mister Shade ME can transform dirty or old floors into attractive, anti-slip, clean, durable and functional flooring which gives an elegant look. With this coating, we can aesthetically improve your flooring despite the current situation.

Why should you choose flooring maintenance service from Mister Shade?

Because we are an expert solution provider for all your flooring related issues. Having more than a decade of expertise in flooring maintenance, installation and supply, we are experienced enough to keep your flooring in tip-top condition. To clean and provide maintenance service to hard-wearing surfaces, one should have specialised knowledge and skillset. We are equipped with an experienced team of professionals to handle the maintenance services of the flooring.

With our commercial floor cleaning expertise, we will achieve high standards to the flooring without the need for invasive procedures.

Advantages of working with us

  • The floor will look new
  • An expert panel of workers who know how to rectify the flooring issues
  • Timely services
  • Floors will last longer

No matter how excellent is your flooring surfaces, the high volume traffic can degrades the surfaces over time. To make it look outstanding, Mister Shade can prepare a customised maintenance plan, tailored to your specific floor surface.

We offer a complete range of flooring maintenance service best known for professional results. We have nearly a decade of experience in handling and maintaining flooring surfaces in the Middle East region. With our highly trained personnel, we support you to restore flooring appearance to an outstanding level to save you time and money. Our latest technology and timely service have gained us plenty of loyal customers who have been ardent support to get to more people through a reference. With the services from Mister Shade, your hard surface stays longer and stronger. Our costs are smaller compared to other firms in the market.

We understand that the requirement of each client is different, and hence we tailor each service appropriately. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more details.

For Flooring Maintenance Service

Are you worried about the flooring problems in your space? Are you looking for flooring maintenance expert solution? Then contact us today. 

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