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Shade Structures

Tensile Fabric Structures

Mister Shade ME – Shade Solutions

Tensile Fabric Structures are feasible and cost-effective option to roof or provide shade and shelter to space. They are pliable, lightweight and can be tamed to any shape and size. Mostly used in canopies, skylight, covered walkways, sunshade roofing or membrane roofing and motorized retractable roofing, this tensile fabric structure is more than just a shade as it enhances the overall aesthetic beauty of the urban space. Mister Shade ME provide the complete shade solutions that render shelter from the torrid climate of the Middle East region.

Our tensile membrane structures are ordinarily used as roofs because it is cost-effective, and it attracts attention from a distance. We incorporate unique standard designs coupled with a highly efficient team to manufacture and install the best shade structure in the region. Our range of shades include-

Car Parking Shades

We provide car parking shades for residential and commercial spaces at an affordable rate. The clients highly admire our parking shades because of the high quality, durability and the ability to withstand the harsh weather of the region. Our design comes in various sizes, shapes and can be altered according to the requirements of the clients.

Solar Carport structures

Solar carport structure is a complete package that comes with excellent value. Our structures make use of an otherwise unproductive space by generating solar energy and at the same time providing shade to the cars.

Rooftop Car Parking Shades

We know how to make use of the rooftop, and hence, we make the shade structure that enhance the people’s living environment. Our sustainable and multifunctional rooftop car parking shade is made to stand longer and more durable.

Walkway Shades

We have been filling the walkways of Dubai’s urban spaces for the past few years. Mister Shade’s walkway shades will provide you with the quality and performance required for the outdoor space.

Playground Shades

The visually appealing playground structures from our factory protect children from harmful sun rays. It also extends the life of play equipment by preventing fading and damage.

Cabana Tents

Cabana tents are a traditional space which can be used in outdoors during hot summer days. Our innovative cabana tents bring charm to the plot. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and sizes.

Swimming Pool Shades

Sun rays should be minimal in the pool areas, as it burns off the leisure time in the pool. We make the best swimming pool shades that will protect the users from harmful sun rays. The flexibility of the shades from our factory makes sure that the structures can be used in a wide array of swimming pool areas.

One of the leading speciality of the tensile structure from Mister Shade is its ease in assembly or building and dismantling or deconstructing. You can transport it to any place because of its lightweight properties. Besides, the latest technology implemented in these shade structures has extremely transformed it into a better version with weatherproof features. The structures can resist UV degradation, and they offer more benefits such as protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and strong wind resistance.

We are the leading designers and manufacturers of bespoke tensile fabric structures in the UAE. If you are looking to enhance your urban space, you can count on us. Call us for more details.

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