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Tensile Fabric Structures

Tensile Fabric Structures UAE

Tensile Fabric Structures

Wide varieties of Tensile Fabric Structures are readily designed in standard dimensions for immediate installation. This type can be installed individually or in series form depending upon the specified plan layout for the shade. Tensile Fabric Shade Structures can be fabricated in singly cantilever or on both sides.Most common applications of this type are for car park shades , pavilions, bleacher shades, walkways, horse shades, and garden canopy, pool shades, etc. Since it is cantilever the other edge will be free of any obstacles and convenient for space constraints.

Mister Shade ME is the best supplier for Tensile Fabric Shade Structures in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. We offer the Best Car Parking Shades, Car Park or Car Parking Sheds in Dubai, UAE

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Provides protection from sun and ultra violet rays, also tensile fabric shades are environment friendly and satisfy the needs for green design concept. Tensile fabric shades are suitable for indoor and outdoor shades and can be well collaborated to any architectures, landscaping, commercial, industrial, residential, and cultural buildings. Tensile fabric shade offers an efficient solution for many environmental and aesthetic challenges.

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Fabric Structures Design

Mister Shade has got an in-house facility consisting of a team of experts with extensive experience in the field and, who are recognized internationally. Our staff work with latest form finding, patterning, analysis, software and they are well trained by our Italian partners. Mister Shade offers this service to their customers and clients at reasonable prices. All in all we also provide cost effective solution using our expertise.

Annual Maintenance

Mister Shade provides AMC services to their supplied structures. We also provide offers for AMC for the structures erected by others after inspection of the same.

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