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Mister Shade ME is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality urban products and services at a competitive rate. We started with the manufacture and supply of Shade Structures in the Middle East region; however, our expertise and experience coupled with the client demand pushed us to produce a vast range of products such as-

Prefabricated Units

Anyone in the market looking for economical, sustainable, portable, eco-friendly and moveable shelters might have come across the prefabricated Units. These are the shipping containers after a strategic makeover.

The shipping containers, available in huge numbers, can be found in the ports where the ships arrive loaded with goods. The goods are gathered in containers to be moved from ports to the cities, and because of the high cost of transportation to send them back to the ports, a lot of empty containers end up dumped on sites. These containers can actually be recycled into a prefabricated unit, and we are experts in that.

As sustainability has become an issue, our expert team has put an effort to find alternative materials to build from which resulted in the high-quality prefabricated units from Mister Shade ME.

Portacabin Rentals

Our cost-efficient portable cabins are available for rental services at competitive rates.

Playground Equipment

Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospital emergency rooms for playground-related injuries. Children of all age group require a safe and inspiring playground. While making the playground equipment, safety is our team’s primary concern.

Playing in Mister Shade ME’s playground equipment will increase their concentration, improves their social skills, fosters their creativity, wards off obesity, reduces emotional problems, and boost youngsters’ performance at school.

Sports Flooring

Sports flooring might look the same as your traditional flooring, but there is a massive difference in the floor you usually use for the domestic purpose and the sports flooring of Mister Shade. Our high-quality sports flooring can withstand the harsh wear and tear caused by athletic footwear and equipment. Besides, it is built to endure the torrid climate of the Middle East region.

Outdoor Fitness

There has been a considerable increase in the number of outdoor fitness areas in the past few years. This is mainly because people find it motivating to do exercise in the outdoors breathing fresh air. Bottling up inside a close space will miss out that one thing which keeps you motivated- fresh air and nature.

Our high-quality Outdoor Fitness equipment is designed to keep you inspired during your workout time. We bring better quality exercise to people with our equipment.

Flooring Units

There are a lot of things to consider while thinking about the flooring services, primarily the service provider whom you are entrusting with your floor. Right from the vinyl flooring, sports flooring, EPDM, carpet flooring to raised flooring and artificial turfs, we offer professional quality service for your hard surface floors.

Shade Structures

Shade structures keep you cool, shield you from the sun, and make outdoor life more comfortable and fun. Especially during the summers, these structures are a mandatory thing in the Middle East region as the temperatures can soar up high. Shade structures from Mister Shade offer freedom to use your outdoors more regularly, and there are plenty of varieties that fit any landscape.

Pet House

Choosing the right home for your pet is very crucial. For a lot of people, these pets are like their family and hence when looking for pet housing, it is mandatory to buy the best if you want to keep your best friend happy. Mister Shade ME offers the best pet houses in UAE.

Street Furniture

Mostly seen on the roads, streets and parks, street furniture is landscape enhancers that make the lives of people more comfortable and more beautiful. The ones from Mister Shade are designed to improve the aesthetic beauty of the location where it is installed while making it a perfect spot for the locals to hang out.

Our master planning and the design team will deliver solutions for the development of the specialised products according to the client requirement. We acquired knowledge and skills with long years of experience in this field. If you require any of our services or products, then reach out to our office.

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