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At Mister Shade ME, we provide a one-stop total solution, providing you with Playground Equipment, indoor club house/recreation play equipment, as well as other additional park accessories. This helps you to save time when selecting and coordinating all these elements. We are the best playground equipment companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, across UAE and GCC. We are the leading designers, suppliers, installation, and maintenance of playground equipment in UAE.

As a professional playground equipment suppliers in UAE,  We also design themed playground, choosing a combination of activities and making a survey in place, these are features we can offer to our valued customers through our technical department. Mister Shade provide you with numerous design option to choose from our gallery of play equipment.

playground equipment suppliers in UAE

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Playground Equipment Planning & Installation in UAE

The best plans begin with your imagination. To assist you in ensuring the most fun and the greatest rewards from your playground planning project, we provide you with this step-by step guide to the process of planning & executing a playground at your site. We’ve got experience working with schools, communities and recreational professionals in many settings, so we untangle the unknown to make planning your playground a hassle-free adventure. You can rely on us, the playground professionals, throughout the process, and you benefit from all the support services offered by us as part of any equipment purchase. 

What makes our Play Equipment Special? 

  • It allows a totally autonomous illumination of the playground with an integrated system, without depending
  • On the conventional electricity network; in other words without CO2 emissions
  • It allows to have an available electric socket for other uses (for example: to recharge electronic games.)
  • It allows the use of anti-tampering/anti-vandal alarms and the connection with surveillance institutes
  • It allows the use of audio signals to warn the improper use of the playground.

Our Play Equipment Projects

Types of Playground Equipment


Our decks, as well as our scale steps or access ramps, are treated with a special anti-skid flatting technology, developed for the first designs of water resistant units, for wet environments, pools, seaside’s etc., nowadays well tested. Looking for a multi activity playground options? please check our full gallery for various options.


Made of color molded rotational PE, warranted against UV rays. The rotational system gives the best safety, without any sharp edge. It is not heat conductor, and maintenance free. Recyclable and atoxic, Can be supplied in red, yellow, blue


Climbing nets made of 6 steel strands rope, 18 mm diameter, covered with a polypropylene braid, highly weather and tamper resistant. Knots are covered with two plastic sheets fixed with steel screws, which protect hands and don’t let fingers to be trapped. Climbing rope made of 6 steel strands rope, 18 mm diameter, covered with a polypropylene braid, highly weather and tamper resistant. Finished with 4 supports model “climbing knot”. The bottom end is supplied with a ring on which a chain is fixed to the ground through cls sinking.


Spiral shape, with finger protection, in elastic stainless steel 60SICCR8, 20 mm diameter, xray examined and consequently treated and painted. The positioning is made through dedicated basement in hot zinc coated steel, made of a robust top plate linked to a bottom plate of the same material, with four legs. In stainless steel rod, hot zinc coated, and treated for smoothing and rounding of all edges and corners, rod diameter 7 mm, short stepping ring of 18 mm which protects fingers from entrapment, external width 23 mm. Testing load to longitudinal traction 700 Kgs. Breaking load 1400 Kgs On request, chains can be rubber coated on the grabbing terminal.


High impact resistant rubber, reinforced with an internal metal sheet, with upper anti-skid surface and rounded shapes.CRADLE SEATS is completed with perimeter support for hugging and legs separation.

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