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Commercial Playground Equipment

Commercial Playground Equipment

Commercial Playground Equipment Supplier in UAE

Commercial playground equipment is vital for family gathering areas. When the adults are engaged in their busy conversations, the little ones can romp around and make new friends by playing in the parks. The commercial playground equipment from Mister Shade ME is more than entertainment for kids. It is something for socialization, development, and growth. We have been supplying our products in the UAE and the Middle East for the past three years.

Sail Shade Structures

Our expert panel has been researching for years and testing our playground equipment, updating it regularly so that your kids will get an extraordinary experience. No matter what type of play you are looking for, our factory is equipped with all playground equipment solution that is designed to promote all aspects of child development and growth.

Commercial Playground Equipment Projects

Park Play Equipment

Quality matters when you are buying play equipment for using in the Middle East countries. The area has a bad reputation for the climate and its effect on materials as well as human beings. Our park play pieces of equipment are weather resistant, vandal-proof and can withstand use by a large number of children.  In Mister Shade ME, you will find all the professional playground equipment for your requirements.

School Playground Equipment

Our school playground equipment is specially developed to meet the requirements of commercial playgrounds. Mister Shade products ensure safe playing fun for large groups of children. Whether sun or rain, playground accessories from our factory can defy all weather conditions. Our designs are so unique that, they can delight both kids and adults at the same time.

Garden Play Equipment

Mister Shade ME features garden play equipment that adds beauty to your patio. A children’s playground in the garden will give parents the chance to relax while the little ones playfully improve their skills and make new friends while playing.

Your garden will look more attractive with our unique playground designs. If you are perplexed on how to design a beautiful playground, call us. We will take care of everything.

Commercial Playground Equipment Supply And Installation In UAE

Commercial playground plays a vital role in a child’s life- the children can play, roam around and make friends as much as they want in this commercial play areas. Whether you install this play equipment in parks, or nursery or anywhere, you will invite plenty of small families with kids. The kid’s playground is one place which lets the parents sit back and relax for a while. If you are looking forward to installing commercial play equipment in UAE, then you can reach out to us. We are the leading commercial playground equipment supplier and installer in UAE.

Our products are specially developed to meet all the requirement of a commercial play area. They are guaranteed to perform longer and stronger under any circumstances. Each piece is designed according to the EU standard to make sure that it is ideal playground equipment. Our ideal play area equipment is made to withstand the weather and repeated use of kids.


  • Withstand rough use
  • Sun resistant
  • Can stand the harsh weather
  • Longlasting
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • High quality

We are sure about the fact that everyone will be impressed by our play area design and equipment. We have a range of designs readily available for immediate installation. If you want to have a bespoke commercial play area equipment, we are ready to design one of your dreams as well.

The play area will look absolutely appealing if you install commercial play area equipment from Mister Shade ME.

If you want to design a bespoke best Outdoor playground then our representative can help you. Contact our team to talk about all the possibilities. Tel: +971 6 5578980 | Email:

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