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School Playground Equipment

School Playground Equipment

School Playground Equipment in UAE

The play areas are natural learning and teaching environment for young children. It is one place where they should feel that they are capable and settled. Most of the educational institutions such as schools and nurseries install playground equipment since it caters for all children’s physical, mental, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and social needs. Mister Shade ME manufacture and install the best School Play Equipment all over the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, and Fujairah) and the Middle East region. We’re experts in outdoor recreation, and our products are chosen by the leading educational institutions in the region.

School Playground Equipment – Products

Multi play Station

We are among the trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Multi play Station in the whole Middle East region. The multi play station from our factory is built with supreme strength, excellent design, and long-lasting functionality. 

Free Standing

One of the leading specialty of the free-standing play units is, it provides fun all on their own or can be part of a larger play area design. The free-standing play units are best suited for limited spaces and budgets. 

Fitness Equipment

Our playground fitness equipment is a perfect addition to the play area, which promotes a healthy lifestyle through play and recreation. 

Activity Equipment

The influence of play equipment in children is strong, and hence installing the activity equipment will make them fit. We have a fantastic range of activity equipment that keeps the kids stay fit and active. 

Inclusive Play Equipment

It is not easy for the kids with special need to access the play equipment used in all playgrounds. We have an understanding of the genuine barriers for these kids, and hence, we make play equipment that suits their requirement.

School Playground Equipment Supply And Installation in UAE

Mister Shade ME is committed to providing the best school playground equipment, playground design and construction services in UAE. We are working on this field tirelessly for the past few years. This vast experience and expertise will ensure that our clients receive only the best services available in the market.

Application areas

  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools,
  • High schools
  • Municipal parks
  • Kindergarten

We are the leading supplier and installer of School playground equipment in UAE. Our play equipment is mainly focused on the health of the children. We install equipment that is guaranteed to strengthen a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and creative play.

Our motto is not just to create a fun play area for the children, but to assist in all areas of child development.


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region
  • Requires less maintenance

Highly reputed suppliers provide our play equipment after thorough research and planning. We are the market leaders in providing the best school playground equipment in UAE not solely because of our high-quality products but because we offer bespoke services to you. We provide our range of products according to your personal requirement. However, you can choose the product that is readily available for installation as well.

If you are just in the beginning phase and don’t know what to do, you can contact us for a free consultation. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in the process. Once the project details are drafted, then we can take it from there. Our school areas can cater to all your needs. We can provide all types of age-appropriate play area equipment.


School Playground Equipment UAE

We know how challenging it is to plan, buy and install a new playground. Therefore we will take that herculean task for you. Looking for best quality School Playground Equipment, Contact us now!

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