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Themed Playground Equipment

Themed Playground Equipment

A playground is a vital part that aids in the physical, mental, intellectual, and social development of children. Bringing a theme to the play area will undoubtedly attract hours of play. The themed structures not only gives freedom for creativity but also provides ideas for fun. From huge ships to medieval castle, Mister Shade ME can build whatever themed playground equipment you envision.

Our range of visually enhancing themed playground equipment provides the perfect setting for an imaginative play for the children. Out interactive themes for the play equipment are-

Cosmic Theme Playground

Who hates aliens and planets? As the name state, the cosmic theme takes the inspiration from space travel and the celestial world. The theme evokes the inner curiosity of the kids to explore the hidden secrets of the outer world. Moreover, the little scientists would love playing in a cosmic theme.

Castle Theme Playground

Castle theme is for the story lovers. The theme allows kids to exercise their muscles and imagination at the playground. Recreating their favorite stories in the playground will definitely earn more play hours.

Locomotives Theme Playground

The locomotive-themed playgrounds are an excellent way to promote creative play among kids. And of course, kids won’t get tired of playing on the train be it the engine driver or a passenger. Furthermore, this locomotive theme blends with all landscapes. 

Farm Theme Playground

The farm theme will encourage imaginative play at its best. With animal play equipment and a fully themed country scene, the farm will give the kids an innovative adventure in the play area.

Ships Theme Playground

Boats and ships will make a great theme if your site is near a water body or landlocked. Kids adore nautical themes, and our products are thoughtfully constructed with the theme on the mind. 

 Themed Playground Equipment Supplier in UAE

We are the leading themed playground equipment supplier in UAE. We have been designing and installing themed play areas for a while now. Our themed play area will add value to the community or urban setting and provide a stimulating play experience, thereby improves the imagination of the little ones.

Application areas

  • Playschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Residential areas
  • Commercial spaces

Keeping the kids occupied is a strenuous task. Each child has a different character, and what works for one won’t work for the other. However, most of them love to spend their time in play spaces, especially the themed play areas, that will serve to encourage a particular activity. Children won’t get bored when they engage in play on themed play areas. Moreover, they will cultivate imagination and developmental skills during their play in such creative spaces. Children have this affinity to the characters and stories, so including such themes and features will keep them hooked and happy throughout.

Mister Shade ME gives priority to safety aspect when it comes to designing the soft play area. It is essential for us to examine and do the quality check of the play area to ensure that it does not have any potential hazards and meets all the necessary safety requirements. We carefully examine the materials to remove any sharp objects and hard surfaces.


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Requires less maintenance

We have a range of themed play areas readily available for immediate installation. If you are looking for a customised play area with a theme of your dreams, we are ready to do that for you as well. Our team of professionals will visit the site, note down your requirements and create a design suggested by you.

Walkway Shade Structure

Our team of talented and creative designers thoughtfully craft your idea and bring it to life, step by step.  Contact us for more details.

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