Best Playground Equipment For Toddlers 2019

A child is advancing from infancy during the toddler phase. And it is during that phase, a child will have intellectual, social, and emotional changes. It is a time of rapid learning, and the playgrounds help them doing so. However, the play area is one place which will encourage the child to develop the skills that they won’t acquire in the classrooms. Here we are featuring the Best Playground Equipment for Toddlers that is crucial for the overall childhood development.

Sandbox Playground

Playground Equipment For Toddlers

Kids love to play on the beach. They like to make sandcastles, which in turn enhances their creativity and stretch their imagination. The sandbox will bring a familiar beach experience in the playground. By installing sandbox on your playground, you can bring the beach to where you live.


Slide (2)

The slide is the first adventurous activity of a child. And therefore, it is mandatory to make it safe and inspiring for the kids to play. Our range of slides is designed to make kids happy and feel like they are in their dreamland while providing utmost safety.


Spider Swing

Spider swing is an innovative product that is having enough room to share space with another kid. The spider swings bring back the classic tire swing, which will let the kid enjoy the equipment with other friends and siblings. The web-like structure made of the rope, not only gives comfortable seating but also provides safety while playing.

Mini playgrounds

Playground Equipment For Toddlers

The mini playground is a set of equipments joined to provide a safe space for kids to have fun. It has a swing, trapeze, monkey bars, and a slide. The mini-set will make the parents feel good knowing their kids are safe and playing nearby.

Theme play equipment

Playground Equipment For Toddlers 2019

By installing themed play equipment, the children will explore the magic of imagination. The themed play areas will let the kids play different roles, thereby expressing themselves in front of other kids. It will act as a perfect setting to have imaginative play for kids.

Spring rider

Playground Equipment

Spring riders are an excellent addition for any playgrounds. It is a piece of great standalone play equipment for that mischievous kid in the gang. Our spring riders are low to the ground, have footrests and hand-holds to ensure safety.

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