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Padel Court Installation in UAE

Padel Court Flooring in UAE

Padel Court Supplier & Manufacturers in UAE

With a team full of experts Mister Shade is the best padel court manufacturer and supplier in the UAE. Mister shade does help people in setting up their own padel courts at best quality in the UAE & Middle East . With the experience of being in the flooring, construction & manufacturing industry for more than two decades, Mister shade can help you in constructing your own padel courts in the UAE  (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain).

Padel is a racquet sport which is gaining more popularity in the middle east & UAE nowadays. Padels are similar to tennis, except for the pressure in the game hence people have developed an interest for the game. Although its rules are similar to tennis & are played mostly in doubles, this game is played in a closed court specially made for the sport.

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Types of Padel Courts done by Mister Shade

At Mister Shade, we provide both artificial turf padel courts & acrylic system padel courts for indoor and outdoor. Here are the the types of padel court we offer.

  • Classic Padel Court 
  • Panoramic Padel Court

Artificial Turf Padel Courts & Acrylic Court Installation in UAE

Padel Court Supplier in UAEThese artificial turf padel courts contain artificial turfs with artificial filaments, which provides an excellent look & feel to the court. These artificial turf padel court also provides a clean canvas to enjoy your game. These artificial turfs are also of less maintenance & increased life.

Instead, you can also choose to have an acrylic system which ranges from 1.5mm to 5mm in thickness. They are formed by resins & many other layers.

Mister shade does install both artificial turf pedal court & acrylic system padel court for both Indoor & outdoor as per our client’s requirements.  We offer the best quality Indoor padel court and outdoor padel court installation in the UAE.

Why Choose us for Padel Court Construction in UAE?

We recommend you choose Mister shade if you are planning to build a padel court in UAE. Since we have 20+ years of experience in sports flooring solutions, we know what suits you the best, and our experts will get it done with perfection for you.

Also, due to our experience in providing sports solutions, we never make a mistake in quality, measurements & aesthetics. We have all you will ever need.

Padel Court Manufacturer in the UAE

If you are someone who is in the hunt for someone to build you a padel court in the UAE, you have landed at the right place. To get started, you just need the right amount of space.

In fact, padel courts don’t take up that much space either; the closed grid-like surface called padel court is almost one-third of a tennis court. You can choose to contact mister shade, the best padel court manufacturer in the UAE, to set up the same for your schools, society or house.

If you are looking for padel court installation service in UAE , then Contact us.

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