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Artificial Grass Supplier in UAE

Artificial Grass Supplier

Artificial Grass Supplier & Installation in Dubai and across the UAE

Mister Shade ME supply and install artificial grass in and outside UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Fujairah). We are the leading Artificial Grass Supplier and installer with years of experience filling the indoors and outdoors of the Middle East region. We assure high-quality product and services when it comes to artificial turf.

Nothing can satisfy our eyes as the green color does. It is the color of life and freshness. Filling natural green hues in the Middle East countries are arduous due to the harsh weather. But the artificial green can genuinely help. After all, why do you want to worry if the artificial green grass can perform better than the natural green?

Artificial Grass Installation Services We Provide

Our artificial grass flooring is a blend of good quality and pleasant appearance. The turf looks so natural, and our customers embrace this natural appearance. Our eco-friendly grass is made up of synthetic materials which stands among the high-quality lawns in UAE. They are simple and easy to fit and can be trimmed to your desired size. Moreover, it does not release chemicals into the air and requires minimum maintenance. The artificial grass in Dubai also saves a lot of water in irrigation.

Our Artificial Grass Projects

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a surface made with synthetic fibers that look exactly like natural grass. Just like how the carpet is made, this synthetic grass blades that come in different pile heights, are stitched to the solid backing seamlessly to look like a real grass lawn. They are mostly used in sports arenas, residential spaces and commercial areas. The actual green material of the artificial grass is comprised of a polyethene material, which is a plastic material found in bottles and bags.

There is no need for watering, trimming or irrigation when it comes to installing artificial grass. Hailed for water-saving benefits, the artificial turf looks accurately like the natural grass. The artificial grass is widely used these days because of its durability. It can withstand wear and tear and is weatherproof. Depending upon the traffic of the area, the artificial turf can last maintenance-free for almost 20 years. It can be recycled in the end so that it can be used for other purposes.

Types of Artificial Grass

1. Synthetic Lawn Grass

Synthetic lawns are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Because of the highly durable nature, this lawn can be placed in high foot traffic areas. 

2. Sports arena and stadium turf

Artificial turfs are designed to meet the high demands of sports arenas. It offers protection to the players and gives picturesque beauty to the platforms. 

3. Playground area turf

Playgrounds are supposed to give the utmost safety for children. Most of the playground injuries occur because of the hard fall in the surface. This is where artificial turfs help by ensuring safety for the users. 

4. Commercial turf

With long life span and the aesthetic beauty, artificial turf installation in the commercial business sector is rapidly becoming mandatory. Its convenience and versatility make it an excellent choice for commercial spaces. 

5. Balcony and Rooftops

Artificial turf is also ideal for surfaces above ground level. The perfect green and lush garden look will create a unique and functional space that will enhance the quality of your life. 

6. Swimming pool area grass

The artificial turf in the pool areas brings beauty to the backyard. People can track mud into the pool if you place natural grass in the area. And also the pool’s maintenance chemicals can kill the grass. The artificial grass gives beauty and safety to the pool areas.

We have years of experience in artificial grass supplier to domestic consumers, landscapers, retail and we are keen to take the opinion of our customers in the project.  We continuously strive to offer the very best products at economical prices and commit to levels of unique services in the industry. The artificial grass comes with a wide range of thickness. It is used in gardens, patios, schools, nurseries, swimming pools, roof gardens, terraces, play areas, pet runs, cages, holiday homes and a lot of other places. Mister Shade is leading Artificial Grass Supplier in Middles East.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation Dubai, UAE

A lot of people are turning their backyard into artificial grass as a solution to all their lawn problems. Apart from the initial cost, artificial turf can benefit you by saving countless hours and money required for the maintenance. Some of the main benefits of artificial lawns are listed below. 

  • Zero water

It is hard to grow natural grass in a hot and arid region like UAE. It requires a lot of time and money to keep them green all year round. Moreover, a hell lot of water is needed. Save your water bill by installing artificial turfs in your backyard. After all, you don’t need to water the artificial ones.  

  • Safe for children as well as adults

The artificial lawns do not require weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals, which makes it great for children to play. And that is the main reason why the cities are choosing artificial lawns over the natural ones in the public spaces. 

  • No Need to Mow

Mowing is a big task, and it is not required for artificial turf.  Plastic grass will never grow, and no mower will ever be needed. 

  • Low Maintenance

Though you don’t need to mow regularly, the artificial grass needs maintenance. The process of maintenance is very easy and require little or no time. The only time that it will need water is when hardened debris will need to be cleared.

  • No Fertilizers or Pesticides

Since the artificial turf doesn’t provide food for weeds and bugs, there is no need for fertilizers or pesticides. It will look green and lush without any chemical help hence saving you more money.

  • Durability

The artificial lawns from Mister Shade ME can withstand wear and tear for quite a few years. The materials used in our products can withstand traffic, all kinds of climates, and weather changes. 

In a country like UAE with less irrigation and water resources, the landscape and flooring solutions like artificial turfs are going to stay for long. So, if you are looking for artificial grass supplier to fill your space with green hues, then ping us!

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