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Vinyl Sports Flooring

Vinyl Sports Flooring

Mister Shade ME creates, supply and install the best quality Vinyl Sports Flooring in the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah). With extensive experience in the field, we are the experts in installing the best vinyl sports flooring in the whole Middle East region.

Vinyl is not only an excellent option for sports flooring, but also sporting events, conferences, parties, and assemblies. It is widely used because of the multi functional properties. The vinyl flooring requires low maintenance since its water resistance and doesn’t accumulate dirt. A regular wet mop is enough to clean the whole place. Make sure that you use the recommended detergent to clean the area.

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Our Vinyl Sports Flooring is highly durable and long-lasting. The flexible and elastic properties of this flooring will keep the floor looking vibrant and new for long. This type of flooring is cheaper than the other options available in the market. Our flooring are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which makes it an ideal solution in the Middle East region. Vinyl sports flooring from Mister Shade ME can withstand the harsh weather of the UAE. Moreover, it can stand years of usage and still shine like a newly installed flooring.

We bring together performance, comfort, and security to give the best available services to the customers. It is mandatory to keep the flooring safe for the user, reducing the injuries and increasing their sensations. Our experts will make sure of it. Our flooring also wears an antibacterial treatment for perfect hygiene. You can choose a customized flooring option according to your requirement. Our team will have the proper inspection of the space and then will recommend the right choice after the appropriate consultation with the clients.

Vinyl Sports Flooring Supply and Installation in UAE

Thanks to the latest technologies and breakthroughs in manufacturing industries, Vinyl flooring of these days is far from lifelessness. Vinyl Flooring is becoming a popular choice among people as it is economical and maintains the impressive look of the space for a long time.

We provide the best vinyl flooring supply and installation services in the UAE. The vinyl flooring from Mister Shade are priced fairly to accommodate the tightest budgets and can be installed anywhere. It can be fitted over the existing floors; hence the cost of tearing out your existing floor would no longer come into play. The flooring is sturdy and can last for a long time.


  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability and Resiliency
  • Affordability
  • Multi-Functionality
  • Stability

We have been the specialists of vinyl flooring for the past couple of years. We have broadened our flooring varieties for different purposes after proper consultation with the experts as well as our patrons. We strive for innovation and offer products that suit all your sports requirements.

Application Areas

  • Sports area, such as volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court badminton court.
  • Athletic surfaces

We source the materials from highly reputed international suppliers. Therefore the product quality is guaranteed. If you are looking for superior quality vinyl sports flooring, then reach out to our team. We can provide customised services according to your requirement.

Vinyl Sports Flooring Maintenance Services In UAE

Repeated use of vinyl sports flooring over the years can cause scuff marks and dirt to accumulate. This can affect the overall look of the flooring, however proper maintenance and cleaning will keep the sports court looking new. We offer maintenance services to your vinyl sports flooring surfaces. We have a range of products and machinery to maintain sports surfaces effectively. Do reach out to us for more details.

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