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Obesity and other lifestyle diseases are a big concern these days. What should we do to curb this issue? Shut off the gadgets and play outside- physically. It is quite unfortunate to state that both young and old crowds are the victim of lifestyle diseases due to the lack of exercises. That is why we are keen to promote the importance of health while having the play. Mister Shade ME is the leading manufacturer and Outdoor Fitness Equipment Supplier in UAE and the Middle East. Our products are keeping the masses fit for the past few years in the Middle East region.

Fitness Equipment Supplier in UAE

We have been working directly with internationally reputed material suppliers for several years to give our customers the best quality products. Hence we offer our clients the best lowest rate as possible. Mister shade the right Outdoor Fitness Equipment Supplier for your needs.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Types

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Inclusive Fitness Equipment

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment


The weather of the Middle East countries will push you to stay inside the house even though you want to spend your time outside. But evenings are pleasant in the UAE, and you can do workouts at that time. Our outdoor fitness equipment can be enjoyed by all ages, regardless of the user’s fitness level.

Explore our range of outdoor fitness solutions and discover how you can promote community wellness, active lifestyles, health and fitness where you live.

Fitness For All Ages

Benefits of having Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The popularity of Outdoor Fitness Equipment is increasing among the masses as it helps to combat the sedentary lifestyle. With plenty of lifestyle diseases among the people, the introduction of the outdoor fitness area gives a fun way to get families together and do workouts. Nowadays, outdoor fitness areas have been employed in commercial as well as residential areas due to its multiple advantages. Below are some of the Benefits of Having Outdoor Fitness Equipment in your space. 

Let’s you have fun

Placing the exercise equipment outdoors will increase the fun factor. Exposure to nature and natural sunlight will give a refreshing workout session. Moreover, workouts close to nature reduces stress and encourage healthy behaviors. 

Build relations

It is way better to stay outdoors and build connections rather than burying your face on the gadgets. The outdoor exercises will help in socializing, strengthening community, and interpersonal relationships. The interactions during workouts will give you encouragement, motivation, and support. 

Improves health

Regular physical activity is mandatory for essential health and longevity. Outdoor exercises are believed to be more restorative when compared to indoors since being close to the natural environments reduce emotional and physiological stress. Moreover, outdoor exercise will give vital exposure to sunlight that increases the levels of vitamin D in the body. 

It is Eco-friendly

The outdoor equipment doesn’t require maintenance or electricity to function. Majority of the product involved in the making of this equipment are recyclable. Less impact on the environment is an attractive factor for the end-user, which will motivate them to do more exercise. 

Revenue Opportunities 

The trainers who would like to train or conduct fitness classes can rent this outdoor fitness area and do their job. It would be amazing to provide courses in an alternative environment.

A well-made outdoor fitness equipment area can serve a diverse range of people while also offering to overall community health.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Project


Outdoor Fitness Equipment Supplier – Partners

We are the leading outdoor fitness equipment supplier and installer in the UAE. All our outdoor fitness equipment are manufactured with international standards. We have chosen the best product from our reputed supplier and is available for the immediate installation. However, if you are looking for a customised product according to your requirement, then we are ready to do that as well. Our expert team will arrange a meeting with the customer and note down all the requirement and work on the project with utmost dedication. We are more than excited to offer our valuable service to you on budget. Do reach out to us for more details.

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