Uses of Artificial grass

Uses of Artificial grass

Having a natural grass lawn is a big mess which is accompanied by heavy water bills and nerve breaking hard work. It is beautiful but comes with a hefty maintenance price. The artificial grass invented in the late 1960s has been the biggest blessing, especially for arid areas like the Middle East. However, technological advancement has made this artificial turf flexible for different applications. What are the actual Uses Of Artificial Grass? Where are they applied? Read below.

#1. Residential Gardens

Uses of Artificial grass

Artificial lawns are mostly used in residential gardens. It is mainly because of the minimal maintenance requirement. The people with a very busy lifestyle and elderly ones who are physically unable to maintain their gardens and lawns opt this turf for their residential purposes.

However, the artificial turf is way better than the natural ones. It is safe, durable, and requires little or no maintenance. There is no need for mowing or pesticides application in the synthetic grass, which ensures safety for kids as well as adults.

#2. Pet spaces

artificial grass for pets

If you think that the real lawn is the best one for pets, then you are wrong. After rain and winter, the green lawn can turn into a mud zone. And exposing pets to this mud zone will create a mess in the indoors.

With water draining properties, artificial lawns are the best for dog kennels and doggy daycare centers. It creates a much healthier environment for pets.

#3. Sports courts

Uses of Artificial grass

One of the best uses of Artificial grass for sports, including football, tennis, hockey and cricket pitches. It was actually created to use in sports courts since the sports areas receive heavy use. And sports pitches must look in perfect condition so that the sportspeople can perform without any injuries.

#4. Schools and Nurseries


Heavy use in the natural grass results in bare patches which quickly turn into mud baths after periods of heavy rain. Artificial grass can withstand huge foot traffic, and hence it is used in the schools and nurseries.

Artificial grass requires low maintenance, which results in long term cost saving. The shock pad will provide safety, as well.

#5. Balconies and Rooftop Gardens

artificial grass for rooftop

It is always good to brighten up your rooftop gardens and balconies by adding green. Artificial grass would be a great idea and is way better than natural turf due to its distinct properties. It is easy to install and maintain.

#6. Offices

artificial grass for Offices

Creating a better environment for the staff to work increases productivity. And these days offices are installing artificial grass to bring life and revitalize the office area. In fact, it is an excellent investment.

#7. Events and Exhibitions


Artificial grass brings aesthetic beauty to the plot, and that is why exhibitions and events use this to attract attention. The grass can be installed temporarily and can be rolled to use it for the future.

#8. Golf


Many designers use fake grass to cut down on maintenance needs in the golf area.

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Uses of Artificial grass